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Our Service Offerings

Our Offerings: Services

Program and Project Management

Program Management Offices (PMO).  Provide a holistic view of multiple projects by aligning them to standards, metrics and business purpose.

Project Planning and Implementation.  Plan and balance the triple constraint (scope, cost and time) during its implementation.  Monitor project execution and trigger changes when required.  

  • Project Scheduling

  • Financial Management 

  • Resource Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Methodology & Processes

  • Scope Management 

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Risk & Dependency Management

Project Mobilization.  Define the project teams, internal and external resource requirements, project charter and all the activities required for project lift off.  You want to ensure that you are creating an ecosystem that will result in your and your vendor's success.

Startup Team

Change Management

Implementing change can also be one of the most challenging initiatives that companies must tackle.  While the mechanics can often be engineered, the “people” element is the biggest obstacle to successful change initiatives.  At kre we help our clients to successfully shape, initiate, plan, and execute  change initiatives via the following services:

Catalyst for change.  Breaking habits requires a catalyst and an engagement with kre can help provide the inflection point needed to get change started

Change strategy. Developing and communicating a clear, easy to understand vision that includes fundamental operating principles

Change tactics. Implement tactical tools and approaches that clearly describe who is responsible for doing what, how it will be done and when it needs to be done by

Adoption:  Getting change to "stick".  Work closely with your teams to help them embrace and “culturalize” change

Graphic Design Office

Business Architecture and Integration

We have elevated the role of the business architect.  This is probably one of the most important but also most underestimated roles on a project that ensures the project's relevance in the organization.

business case development, business architecture, business process development, requirements gathering, business & systems acquisition and integration, etc.

Classroom Lecture

Integrated Training Program

KRE’s founders are part-time USC lecturers preparing students to become industry leaders of tomorrow.

We leverage that experience to provide an integrated training program to you employees who have project execution responsibilities. 

Our programs focus on bringing immediate value by customizing the curriculum, exercises and deliverables to the actual project responsibilities of the participants. 

Topics that are typically covered include:

  • Project Management

  • Change Management

  • Effective Business Communication

  • Systems Delivery Methodology

  • IT/Business line working relationship

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