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Lisa Haleblian

Managing Director

Lisa is the managing director of KRE Consulting.  As a graduate of USC’s Gould School of Law, she worked in civil litigation for two firms in Los Angeles defending life and health insurance companies against bad faith claims.

She spent the majority of her adult life raising her daughter and two sons with dedication and passion, even home schooling her son with special needs for 5 years through middle school.  She also teaches reading to special needs kids using the Wilson Reading System at The Frostig School in Pasadena. 

She has served in various capacities on school and nonprofit boards. Currently, she is the Director of Administration at The Spectrum Works - a non-profit dedicated to transitioning gifted individuals on the autism spectrum into valuable talent for corporations. She is also the treasurer of 58:7 Ministries, a nonprofit she co-founded with her brother to help exploited young girls living in the dumps of Managua, Nicaragua.

An avid reader, Lisa’s perfect day consists of lots of good coffee, pillows and blankets, and a bed strewn with all kinds of books. She loves experimenting in the kitchen with her son, Robert, watching anything British on Netflix with her daughter, Karina, and building lego trains and airplanes with her youngest, Ethan. Her hero is Mother Teresa and her life motto is “do for one what you wish you could do for everyone” (Andy Stanley).

Lisa Haleblian: TeamMember
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